Poll shows widespread support for Question 4 on state ballot

More than 50 percent of voters are in support of that initiative.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Big changes could be coming to Massachusetts in November. Residents will vote on four questions on the ballot during the general election, all of which, would transform state laws.

Question 4 on November’s ballot will ask voters whether the use, cultivation, possession, and distribution of recreational marijuana should be legalized for individuals who are 21 or older.

A new WBZ/UMass poll found that 53% of voters support that initiative. In that same poll, more than 40% of voters said it would bother them if a marijuana store opened in their neighborhood. More than 60% said they worry about people using marijuana in public.

If the initiative passes, there would be a 10% sales tax on marijuana. Many supporters of the measure believe the money from the sales tax would benefit the economy.

Opponents have expressed several safety concerns, including addiction and driving. Right now, there’s no way of testing whether a driver is under the influence of marijuana.

This November, Massachusetts will be one of 5 states to vote on whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The other states include Arizona, California, Maine, and Nevada.

Registered voters will be able to vote on Question 4, on November 8th, during the general election.