Easter Rising documentary producers visiting Springfield

"1916 The Irish Rebellion" has been screened in 60 countries worldwide

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Producers of an Irish documentary were at Forest Park in Springfield Thursday to see some Irish history on display. The two producers visited the 1916 Remembrance Garden, which directly relates to their new documentary.

The film, titled “1916 The Irish Rebellion” tells the story of Irish rebels and their fight against the British Empire in the 1916 Easter Rising. These events inspired other rebellions across the Empire, including in India and Egypt.

Many immigrants from Ireland have settled in western Massachusetts, including in Springfield. The Remembrance Garden at Forest Park honors the men and women who died in that rebellion.

The garden has only been open for four months now.

“We’re here with people in this beautiful garden, whose grandparents were in 1916, whose parents came from all over Ireland. It’s just really wonderful and deeply moving,” producer Biona Nic Dhiarmada said.

“Ireland is a small island, and there are 80 million people of Irish extraction worldwide,” producer Christopher Fox said. “The connection here is deeply moving and very close.”

Fox told 22News that it took five years to complete the documentary, which was released on March 16.

The three-part documentary film has been seen in cinemas in 60 countries around the world.