Don’t throw away your stale and overripe food, re-use it!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – When food goes stale, or fruit is overripe, it’s so easy to just throw it out, but you don’t need to! Emily Gaylord and Alexandria Vining from the Center for Eco Technology shared what we can do with this food!

  1. Tea Bags Open up the tea bag and feed your plants with the tea leaves Deter household pests by putting the tea bags in places mice might be a problem.
  2. Stale Bread Use it in recipes such as bruschetta or stuffing Freeze the loaf and defrost the bread as needed Make breadcrumbs or croutons Use it to keep veggies fresh, by putting a slice in the crisper to help absorb moisture and keep vegetables fresh
  3. Stale Chips As garnish on a soup Crumbled up in scrambled eggs In the place of breadcrumbs, after you pulse them through the food processor
  4. Overripe Fruit You can easily use overripe bananas in a banana bread recipe. Have a carton of berries that getting a bit mushy? Freeze them to be used as a smoothie base.
  5. Veggies: Use carrots that have lost their crisp in soups or stews. Shred zucchini to use in baked goods throughout the winter