Pet Corner: Jill

Name: Jill
Breed: Beagle mix
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Female
Color: Black/white


Lovely Jill is a friendly 4 year old beagle mix with a pretty black and white coat. She is a Dixie dog who came to Dakin a few weeks ago and is ready for a new home. If you already have a dog and want to add Jill to your family, it’s best to bring your dog to Dakin in Springfield to meet Jill first to see if they get along, as her friendships with other dogs are on a “case by case” basis. If you already have a cat, be sure to let our staff know so they can check her history with cats. Jill is “almost there” with her house training, so you’ll have to keep an eye on her until she’s fully trained. Because Jill is so easygoing, she’d make an ideal first dog for someone new to having pets, and she’s not terribly active…she’s a bit more of a couch potato! Jill is sharing a kennel with her lookalike son Jack who’s also looking for a home (he’s a year old).

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