Parking space fight takes terrifying turn

casino altercation
Woman strikes man with car, then pulls gun after he attempted to save parking space for his wife.

(KOB) An angry altercation at New Mexico’s Route 66 Casino left a man injured and a woman behind bars Friday.

Police say a woman tried to run a man over and assaulted in the casino’s parking lot.

It all started when a man was just trying to save a parking spot when a woman hit him with her car and pointed a gun at him.

45-year-old Yvonne Aragon was arrested.

“The victim stated that he was saving a spot for his wife to park in,” said Captain Andi Taylor with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department. “So he was standing in the parking spot.”

Police say Aragon pulled up and hit the victim with her car, leaving a bruise on his leg that matched her license plate.

Then things got even more heated.

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