Traffic congestion continues on I-91

MassDOT knows that there are major traffic problems


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been traffic issues on I-91 in Springfield ever since the I-91 Rehabilitation project first began, but this past week, traffic has been even heavier than usual.

Thursday morning, a crash on I-91 southbound caused backups On I-91, and I-391 for hours. State troopers told 22News the crash occurred near Exit 11, which is close to where the construction begins. The traffic from that car crash lasted for hours, and caused a more than 6-mile back up from Springfield, all of the way back to the Chicopee Curve on I-391.

Traffic has been an issue for drivers on I-91 since the three-year reconstruction project first began over a year ago. Crews are working to rebuild the elevated portion of I-91 in Springfield.

Phase 1 of that project is now complete, and phase 2 will begin this fall. That is when crews will reopen the inner lanes of the highway, and shut down the outer lanes for construction. The on and off ramps will remain closed during that phase.

MassDOT has come up with a plan to try and reduce traffic over the next two years. It’s called the “dynamic merge” system. Starting in November, electronic signs will monitor traffic on I-91, then tell drivers the best route to take, based off of accidents and traffic jams.

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