MD: Racist chant on school bus

Jayla Johnson recorded the video after she says they refused to stop chanting the word


ROCKVILLE, MD. (CNN) –  A disturbing story out of Maryland a middle school student says her Robert Frost Middle School Students classmates chanted the n-word on the bus.

“One two three four how many n****** are in my store?”

Jayla Johnson, a student said, “and we were explaining to them to stop it and they were basically saying what you are going to do about it they don’t care.”

Jayla Johnson recorded the video after she says they refused to stop chanting the word.

Brandon Long, Johnson’s father said, “she came home very upset…we asked her what was wrong and she just showed us the video. And immediately I was appalled.”

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon, and Jayla’s father Brandon Long says he immediately called the school. Principal Joey Jones said, “I can say the students are very remorseful.”

Robert frost middle’s principal says there will be disciplinary action. He says the students were repeating words from an online video protesting the way young black men are treated and the students who chanted were all either black, latino or asian.

Jones said, “It’s a teachable moment.  And we’re going to take advantage of this moment so that we all can learn about each other’s cultures,.”

Long said, “Those students were reprimanded by the bus driver. They knew what was going on. They were told that it was wrong. They even knew they were being recorded. And they continued to say it. So to say that they were just mimicking is just totally absurd. I do believe if there was Caucasians that they found saying that word it would’ve been a totally different response. ”

Johnson said, “Whether or not what race they are, they’re still saying a word that has a lot of bad background to it.”

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