Live Free or Die: It’s New Hampshire Day at the Big E

State is well known for its lack of sales tax


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Friday is New Hampshire Day at the Big E- a time to celebrate the New England state whose motto is: “Live Free or Die.” Part of that spirit of living free involves not paying sales tax- the state is the only one in the region that does not charge such a tax. Because of this, all items sold in the New Hampshire building at the Big E, from baskets to ice cream, are all tax-free.

Continuing Coverage: The Big E’s 100th Anniversary

Granite State residents proudly point to the absence of a state sales tax giving them more buying power back home, even if they’re paying higher property taxes.

“When you buy a car, all your food, all your clothes, everything,” Betty Chickering of Walpole, N.H. said.

One western Massachusetts visitor to the New Hampshire building told 22News how much he saved when he went to New Hampshire to buy a car.

“$1500, that’s worth a trip, I guess it is. I’m a smart shopper,” Robert Tesgeph of Monson said.

A visitor from Easton, Connecticut passing through the New Hampshire building told 22News that he wished his state would eliminate the sales tax.

“Oh equipment, construction  equipment, that’s the big thing, I’m in business. They really whack you,” Norman Haller said.

New Hampshire pride extends to its products such as maple syrup. You won’t find anyone at their maple syrup display stand conceding superiority to Massachusetts or Vermont..

“We own that, it’s all ours! They can have the cows and the milk, we’ve got the maple syrup,” Perley Stoddard of Danbury, N.H. said.

New Hampshire day at the Big E: where like all New Englanders, these folks have much to be proud of what they produce.


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