Greenfield Town Hall to keep or destroy archive records

The town will not begin digital archiving until this changes


GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Greenfield closed their Town Hall, archive records! Town Hall workers were up at 5 this morning to figure out what records need to be kept and those that have to go.

Greenfield’s Mayor approved the city auditor’s request to close town hall for the first time for this purpose.

The City auditor and other workers sorted through old records, some as old as 1915. They ranged from payroll time sheets to permanent records of many different departments including the town clerk and mayor’s offices.

The town had to decide whether to keep the documents or have them destroyed. For those they want destroyed, they need state permission. Until this happens, all boxes to be destroyed had to be moved to a different location.

Elizabeth Braccia, Greenfield City Auditor told 22News, “We filled up 2 U-Haul trucks of boxes to remove from here and move over to that site to wait to be destroyed. So it’s a lot. Its years and years.”

Braccia said the state still does not consider electronic copies as permanent records. The town will not begin digital archiving until this changes. Greenfield’s Town Hall will be open Monday, with regular hours.

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