Cell phone video shows moments surrounding shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

Video shows Scott's wife pleading with police and her husband


Please note that the video contains language and images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WWLP-NBC News) – The family of Keith Lamont Scott has released cell phone video taken by Scott’s wife showing the moments before and after police in Charlotte, North Carolina shot the 43 year-old.

In the video, Scott’s wife Rakeyia pleads both with her husband and police, telling officers not to shoot her husband and that he does not have a gun. She also tells her husband to get out of his vehicle and says “don’t you do it, Keith,” though it is not immediately clear what she is telling her husband not to do. At the time her husband was shot, she had panned her phone away, and her husband is later seen lying on the ground surrounded by officers.

While the video does show the dramatic moments surrounding the shooting, it is taken from a distance, and leaves many major questions about the incident unanswered. Most prominently, it doesn’t show whether or not Scott had a gun- as the police have claimed, or a book- as members of his family had said. Members of the Scott family have been urging officials to release dashcam and body camera video of the incident, though that is being delayed as North Carloina’s State Bureau of Investigation looks into the case.

Scott’s shooting death has led to nights of unrest in Charlotte. Police officers have been injured, and one person was shot and killed during protests that took over streets and highways in the city. It is the latest in a series of police shootings of African-Americans that have drawn attention to a persistent racial divide in the country.

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