Pet of the Week: Gosha the dog


CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Gosha, a 9-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing and Communication at Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Gosha and about other events going on at Dakin.


Gosha is looking for a new person (or family) and a new home after being with one caretaker her whole life. This 9 year old is a purebred Australian Cattle Dog and will be a terrific walking partner for you. She doesn’t mix so well with other dogs or cats, so she’ll want to be your one and only pet. She’ll make it worth your while by rewarding you with her sweetness and loyalty. Gosha is housetrained and would do well with someone who has a little bit of experience with dogs. Come meet her at Dakin’s Springfield Adoption & Education Center.

This pet’s profile:!/pet/33437930

News/Other Events

Puppy Preschool – Saturday, September 24 at 10:15am at Dakin’s Leverett Adoption Center (163 Montague Road)
This 6-week course is perfect if you have a puppy 8-16 weeks old who needs some good manners! We’ll cover all the basics like house training and crate training, chewing and mouthiness, plus your pup will get some quality socialization time with classmates! Puppies must be up to date on their vaccinations relevant to their age, and free of parasites. Please bring proof of a recent veterinary visit showing vaccination history and examination.

Pet First Aid & CPR – Sunday, October 30 at 8am at Dakin’s Springfield Adoption & Education Center (171 Union Street)
This one-day course begins at 8am and covers many important issues in pet first aid including:
-Rescue breathing
-Canine and feline CPR
-Choking management
-Snout to tail assessment
-Assessing your pet’s vitals
-Insect bites, stings and snake bites
-Heat and cold injuries

For more information about Dakin Humane Society, please visit

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