New trailer will help with cleanup of oil spills

State to reimburse communities for cost of replenishing supplies


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Local fire departments will be able to more quickly contain oil or hazardous materials spills in area lakes and rivers, thanks to some new equipment unveiled Thursday. A new emergency response trailer delivered to Springfield has a containment boom and absorbent boom, as well as other tools needed to clean up spills on the water, and prevent them from spreading.

A demonstration of how this equipment will work was held on the Connecticut River.

The trailer will be housed at Springfield’s wastewater treatment plant on Bondi’s Island, though other local cities and towns will be able to use the response trailer if and when they need it. The state will also cover the cost of replenishing equipment in the event of a spill; rather than making the individual communities pay for it.

Similar trailers have been deployed to several inland communities in central and eastern Massachusetts, with two more to arrive in the future elsewhere in western Mass. Meanwhile 40 other trailers have been put to use to clean up spills in coastal areas of Massachusetts.

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