Massachusetts’ highway systems ranked among the bottom five states in the U.S.

Only Alaska, New Jersey, Hawaii and Rhode Island ranked lower than Massachusetts.


GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Massachusetts highways are in rough shape, ranking fifth from the bottom.

The Reason Foundation’s annual report scored each state’s highways for pavement condition, traffic congestion, and deficient bridges.

“Working on the bridges and stuff is important,” said Pat Mooney of Rhode Island. “It makes less wear and tear on your vehicle, just makes a more comfortable ride.”

The new report ranked Massachusetts 46th out of all U.S. states in terms of their highways’ condition and cost-effectiveness. Drivers told 22News, they could see why.

“The roads always seem to be under construction, said Carolyn Kernweis-Flanigan of Peabody. “As we were driving on Route 2, there were a lot of bumps and the roads were uneven, so I’m not really shocked.”

Only Alaska, New Jersey, Hawaii and Rhode Island ranked lower than Massachusetts. MassDOT CEO Stephanie Pollack found the report lacking.

“It does not fairly depict the cost-effectiveness of how we take care of our roads in Massachusetts,” said MassDOT CEO, Stephanie Pollack.”It counts interest on debt for us, but not for other states. It counts the money we give to cities and towns towards the cost of taking care of state roads.”

Massachusetts spends much more than the average state for highway maintenance and road repairs. Massachusetts trailed only New York for improving deficient bridges.

One very positive note: Massachusetts’ highway system had the lowest fatality rate in the country.

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