Charlotte under State of Emergency

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Charlotte Under State Of Emergency
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory declares state of emergency and deploys National Guard troops to Charlotte following second night of unrest over police shooting.

(NBC News) Unrest in Charlotte continued for a second night Wednesday, with violent protests bringing out police in riot gear, using flash grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Governor Pat McCrory has declared a state of emergency, sending in the National Guard and the highway patrol to help police restore order.

At least one person was shot Wednesday night, and is now on life support.

Hundreds took to the streets with signs, protesting the death of 43-year-old Keith Scott, killed Tuesday by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. They say Scott brandished a gun while they were searching for another suspect wanted on outstanding warrants.

On Thursday Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said that dashcam video of the shooting exists.

“The video does not give me absolute, definitive visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun,” Kerr said, adding “What I can tell you, though, is that when taken in totality of the other evidence, it supports what we’ve heard and the version of the truth that we gave about the circumstances that happened.”

Putney says the video will only be shown to Keith Scott’s family and the State Bureau of Investigation, not the public.

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