Anthony Weiner sexted with 15 year old girl

She tells the paper their online relationship ended in July

(Credit: CNN)
(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – A Daily Mail article brings new allegations against former New York congressman Anthony Weiner – accusations that he was sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Weiner said, in a statement, that he has likely been the subject of a hoax, but he says he has no one to blame for that but himself.

The online sexting relationship allegedly went on for months between Anthony Weiner and a girl claiming to be just 15. The Daily Mail reports she says he sent her numerous photos – one of him in a pool and at least one bare chested. She says he called her “baby” and told her woke up thinking about her, and was quote, “hard.” It got even more graphic, too.

She spoke to the Daily Mail, which hid her face and disguised her voice. She said, “He’d ask me to undress. He started talking sexually. He asked me what I was wearing. He told me what he was wearing. Then he asked me to take my clothes off.”

The Daily Mail reports she says she first reached out to Weiner in January this year on Twitter. He reportedly wrote back “you are kinda sorta gorgeous.”

The Mail reports she says Weiner also sent her a bare-chested picture of himself with his hand on his crotch. Another photo was of Weiner with this undershirt rolled up, showing his stomach and his son laying on top of him.

“He’d ask me about masturbation,” she said. “Sometimes there’d be like role-playing. He’d pretend like he was a teacher and I was a student.”

The Daily Mail says that she says the two communicated through various online applications, including the app Confide, which deletes pictures and messages immediately after they’re viewed. In one message, she reportedly told him where she goes to high school.

Once, she reportedly asked him how he slept. His response, according to the daily mail: “Not great, woke up very, uh eager.”

The two also reportedly discussed her getting her learner’s permit and the girl’s school activities. When asked about the Daily Mail article alleging he had a sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl, Anthony Weiner neither confirmed nor denied sending the texts.

He said in a statement, “I have repeatedly demonstrated terrible judgment about the people I have communicated with online and the things I have sent. I am filled with regret and heartbroken for those I have hurt.”

Weiner went on; “while I have provided the Daily Mail with information showing that I have likely been the subject of a hoax, I have no one to blame but me for putting myself in this position. “I am sorry.”

The Daily Mail says Weiner provided them with two emails he says were from the girl that raise questions about her claims.

The paper says she told them she was, quote, “obsessed” with Weiner and was writing a book about him. She tells the paper their online relationship ended in July.

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