Neighbors fed up with traffic outside of Indian Orchard Elementary School

Indian Orchard Elementary School traffic problems

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Neighbors are fed up with traffic jams outside of Indian Orchard Elementary School that they say, could be prevented if drivers just followed the rules.

Springfield resident Linda Yarber said she first tried contacting the school, the city, and the police about the problem, when that all failed, she called 22News. “Normally, there are cars parked on both sides of the road. One resident had to go down to the convenience store and sit there because she couldn’t get into her driveway,” she said.

Several signs line both sides of Milton Street, banning parking between 8AM and 6PM Monday through Friday, and warning of a $100 fine for idling.

22News went to Indian Orchard Elementary School for drop-off Wednesday morning, and caught several drivers on camera, disobeying the rules.

City Councilor Orlando Ramos told 22News he worked with the residents and the city to get the signs installed on Milton Street last year, after hearing several complaints from neighbors.

Ramos said once he saw it for himself, he had an even bigger concern, traffic blocking emergency vehicles from getting down the road. “What makes this problem unique is the fact that we have a senior complex here, which is affected by the congestion with the traffic, and the noncompliance with the dismissal plan in place. I’ve heard several complaints about this,” he said.

Springfield Public Schools spokesperson Azell Cavaan told 22News every year, the district, neighbors, and police determine the best pick-up and drop-off plan to reduce traffic, and keep children safe.

The Indian Orchard Elementary School principal then sends parents a robo-call, and gives them a handbook at the beginning of the school year, explaining those protocols.

Cavaan said drop off and pick up is an extremely hectic time at all of their schools, which is why it’s important for parents to adhere to the protocols they set.

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