Mother plans to press charges after school bus fight

school bus fight

KOKOMO, Ind. (WLFI) — A Kokomo mother wants justice for her daughter after she was bullied on a school bus Monday. It was unlike any other bus ride home for seventh-grader Kaydence Parsons.

“They said she wanted to fight me, and I didn’t think anything of it,” she said.

Kaydence Parsons said the girl sitting behind her confronted her. “She said I was talking about her and all this other stuff,” Kaydence Parsons said. “But I wasn’t talking about her.”

Kaydence Parsons said she was attacked when the girl got up to exit the bus.

“She put on her backpack, and then she grabbed my hair and started hitting me,” Kaydence Parsons said.

She said she was crouched down, unable to defend herself while taking multiple hits to her head.

“People were filming it, egging it on, telling her to keep doing it,” Kaydence Parsons said.

Kaydence’s mother, Nicole Parsons, said she was outraged when she heard about the incident.

“They’re on school property when they’re on the bus. So, you send them on a bus, you put them in school, you think they’re going to be safe,” Nicole Parsons said.

Kokomo School Corporation isn’t taking the incident lightly and is taking proper protocol and safety procedures. Dave Barnes, the corporation’s director of communications, said the student who attacked Kaydence Parsons has already been disciplined.

“We would hope students understand and they listen to this too,” Barnes said. “We hope they take a message from the discipline that was handed out.”

Barnes expressed students who filmed the fight with their phones and did nothing to help will also undergo some disciplinary action.

Kaydence Parsons has filed a police report with the school’s resource officer.

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