Jennie Lane Apartments in Springfield runnung on backup generators

Housing Authority employees will be at Jennie Lane overnight


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The power’s back on, but it’s not quite fully restored to a Springfield apartment complex.

For many of us, a power outage simply means grabbing a flashlight and being without some technology. For others, a lack of electricity puts their life at risk.

Springfield Housing Authority Director William Abrashkin told 22News an Eversource power surge damaged the transformer at the Jennie Lane apartments in Springfield. Many tenants here are disabled some need electricity to power their oxygen.

Jennie Lane resident Elizabeth Watkins said, “There’s a lot of single people here who live here by themselves. Who do they have to turn to? It’s really hard and very scary.”

Residents were without power Tuesday for at least 10 hours. A temporary fix has the power back on.

Ellie Vega of Jennie Lane Apartments said, “The power we have is on backup generators, that they have to bring in to us, because this complex doesn’t have a backup generator.”

The Springfield Housing Authority said out of the 27 complexes they oversee, only some of them have backup generators, and those complexes typically have elevators.

They added that there’s simply not enough funding to install these extra generators at every complex. Crews will work the rest of the week to repair the underground power lines and replace the blown transformer.

Abrashkin said Housing Authority employees will be at Jennie Lane overnight to make sure the temporary generator keeps running.

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