Behind the scenes with the Hallamore Clydesdales

These majestic horses are celebrating 40 years at The Big E

Ned Nemic training Trooper and Sergeant
Ned Nemic training Trooper and Sergeant

LAKEVILLE, Mass. (WWLP) – You’ve been seeing the Hallamore Clydesdales at the Big E for 40 years.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get these beautiful horses show ready for West Springfield. 22News takes you behind the scenes, to show you the man that helps make it all possible.

Two of the Hallamore Clydesdales prepare for training
Two of the Hallamore Clydesdales prepare for training

Ned Niemic has been working with horses his entire life.  He said he caught the bug early, and just couldn’t shake it.  For the past 26 years Ned’s been training, feeding and caring for the Clydesdales at Barry Farm in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

He and his crew are up at the crack of dawn, making sure these horses have all the resources they need to be show ready, for The Big E, and for other shows across the country.

clydesdale2Ned told 22News the name “Clydesdale” originates from the area around The River Clyde in Scotland, where the draft horses were originally bred. He said the Hallamore Clydesdales come from all over.  Some are bought from Scotland and England, while others closer to home in the U.S. and Canada.

Although the average life-span of a Clydesdale is just 20 years old. So some of the horses you see at The Big E today, weren’t the same ones that were there 40 years ago.

Ned said it can be tough, spending day in and day out getting to love for and care for these horses, and having to eventually say goodbye.  However he said having the opportunity to show them off at major events at The Big E, makes it all worth it.

If you want to see these Clydesdales for yourself, you can check them out at the Farm-A-Rama building at The Big E through October 2nd.

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