Risks of poor blood pressure control


(CNN) – Millions of elderly Americans have an increased risk of death because they aren’t taking their blood pressure medicine as directed, according to a new “vital signs” report from the CDC.

It says that some five million Medicare part D users over the age of 65 are not taking their medicine as directed, they may skip doses are stop taking it altogether.

This means they face a greater threat of heart and kidney disease, stroke and death.

They say the percentage of elderly Americans who do not take blood pressure medicine properly is higher among black, Native American, and Hispanic groups, and in certain geographical areas.

The report analyzed data from more than 18-point-five million people who were enrolled in Medicare advantage or Medicare part d prescription drug coverage in 2014.

It recommends that health care providers work to educate patients on the importance of blood pressure control and urges that the federal government provide resources to states to track medication adherence.

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