New technology tackles hot car safety

The feature is activated when you turn the vehicle off

(WFLA) – According to a recent study by San Jose State, the nation has seen 29 children die from heat stroke this year after being left in a vehicle.

The recent deaths have prompted several companies to develop ways to remind parents to check the back seat.

The 2017 GMC Acadia and the Buick Lacrosse are two vehicles that now offer what is called a “Rear Seat Reminder” safety feature.

The feature is activated when you turn the vehicle off. It is designed to remind someone to check the back seat for anything, including valuables, pets or a child.

There is other technology that could prevent someone from accidentally leaving their child in a hot car.

“SenseALife” was created by two Florida fathers, Fadi Shama and Jim Friedman, after seeing several news stories about children dying in hot cars.

SenseALife is a two-part system that communicates wirelessly between the driver’s seat and the child’s car seat. The first part is an optical sensor that actually sees when the driver’s door is opened. The second part senses the weight (anything over two pounds) in the child seat. If the driver door is opened after the two parts sync together, a loud voice activates, saying, “Occupant detected in seat. Please remove child from the seat.”

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