More victims linked to serial killer

grate victim
Ohio investigators say accused serial killer Shawn Grate has confessed to a 2005 murder in Marion County, and may be responsible for even more.

(WKYC) Accused serial killer Shawn Grate has confessed to a fourth Ohio murder.

Grate has been charged with two counts of murder in Ashland County, but Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey says he confessed to a local killing as well.

In March 2007, a man found skeletal remains at a dumping site on Victory Road, and while investigators determined the victim was a woman in her 20s, it remains a Jane Doe case.

Bailey said Grate told investigators he killed a woman in 2005 and then took her body to that site.

“He said this was the first he ever killed,” Bailey said.

According to Bailey, Grate said the victim had been selling and delivering magazines from door to door and didn’t deliver ones to the house where he was living, and that led to him killing her. He reportedly told investigators she may have been named Diana or Dana, that he thought she was 26, and that she lived in Ohio but not Marion County.

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