It’s almost officially fall… why is it so warm?

High over the Atlantic, position of the Jet Stream explain warm temperatures

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – You would not know it by the temperatures lately, but leaf peeping is just around the corner!

While many of us are summer lovers, there is a good portion of people that just love the fall and the fall-like activities that go with it. We have less than two days until the beginning of fall, which is Thursday at 10:21 A.M.

It will, however, not feel like fall for at least a few more days. In fact, it is going to feel about 15 degrees warmer than average through Friday. You can thank high pressure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for that.

High pressure forms a clockwise flow, and brings warm air into western Massachusetts from the south and southwest. That will keep temperatures in the 80s through the end of the week, however this high will slowly shift to the east as we head into the weekend, and much cooler air is on the way.

Another big factor is the jet stream: an area of strong winds high up in the atmosphere that helps to separate cool air to the north in Canada from warm air to our south.  When the jet stream stays north of us, it helps to keep the warm air over western Massachusetts. When the jet stream dips to the south, it drags in colder air.

To see when the cooler weather will be here, check out your latest 22News Storm Team Forecast.

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