Insurance won’t cover $54k bill

(CNN) – Carol Mullins suffered no minor boo-boo.  Her fractured cheek bone required surgery and her medical bills have topped 54 thousand dollars, “They called it an orbital fracture under here I had to have surgery in order to keep my left eye in place.”

Yet her insurance company says not a penny is covered, “These insurance companies, they take and take and take and as soon as you have a claim, sorry can`t help you.  Carol’s accident happened March 28 after her grandkids left a sled on the front porch, “And then I tripped right over this and I fell face first on the concrete I didn’t have time to catch myself.”

After blacking out for 30 seconds she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where doctors took her vitals and discovered her blood alcohol level was point-one-five, nearly double the legal limit.

Her insurance company “Tokio Marine HCC” has a clause that reads: injury sustained that is due wholly or partially to the effects of intoxication or drugs is excluded under this policy.”

Carol says the fall would’ve happened if she had been stone cold sober and feels insurance is for accidents, “I was in my own home, I wasn’t out driving since when can’t you have a couple of glasses of wine in your own home.”

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