Craigslist post: children for sale near school

(CNN) – At Forest Glen Elementary School, Monday started out like any other school day until it was time for recess.

It was held inside after a concerned parent called the school around 11:30 in the morning, alerting them about a craigslist ad.

The post-titled “children for sale, Forest Glen Elementary, went on to say hundreds of kids to choose from. Pick and run. Male or female ages 5-9.”

According to a school email sent out to all parents, they immediately consulted the brown county sheriff’s department, “We’ll take it and we’ll look into it.  It appears to be something that you know it’s not so serious and someone wants to play a joke, but sometimes you just don’t know what they are looking at. But your goal, the school and law enforcement, is to keep the children safe and take appropriate action.”

As a precaution-the school required all students who walk or bike home from school to be picked up or escorted by an adult.

Parents who normally pick up their kids from school, like Nicole Everson, were asked to pick them up from the gym, “I like that they took this precaution to have them inside instead of having them standing out here because sometimes there are kids waiting for their parents when they are late for whatever reason.”

Everson says it’s a scary situation for any parent, “I was like who would even like think about that? I didn’t even, no, I would never think about that.”

She completely trusts that the school and sheriff’s office will continue to keep the kids safe, “I would go in there every day to pick her up if that is needed.”

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office tells us they contacted craigslist and got the ad removed.

However, they say even if they find whoever is responsible, it could be difficult to prosecute.

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