Are you wasting money on premium gas?

Researchers found no performance, mileage improvement

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) –  There are a lot of options at the pump, but only one you should choose if you’re like most Americans. About 70 percent of vehicles run regular, unleaded gasoline. According to AAA, 16.5 million Americans wasted 2.1 billion dollars filling those vehicles with premium gas last year. Wasted, because AAA found there to be no benefit to premium gas.

However, mechanic Ed Malikowski warned if your car requires premium, you should use it to avoid damage. “A pinging sensation when you try to accelerate like going up a ramp heavily, or up a hill or whatever. That is now it’s firing out of sequence. It’s actually the carbon firing the engine. It can do damage over a long period of time,” Malikowski of Mal Brothers Autobody Co told 22News.

“When I’m tight on cash, I’ll put half a tank of regular but then I always follow it up with the ultra,” said Craig Cowles of East Longmeadow. 22News asked, “And even with that can you tell the difference?” He said yes. “What does it do?” we asked. “It just doesn’t respond,” said Cowles. He said his SUV requires him to use premium octane.

AAA recommends the best way to make sure your car is running smoothly is by bringing it in to the mechanic or dealership for regular checkups.

Not all gas is equal. “I always stay with one kind of gas. I don’t like to change gas companies,” said Fiolina Rivest of Chicopee.

The AAA study found if you fill up at gas stations that don’t offer name brand gasoline, like Shell, your tank could soon be filled with harmful engine carbon deposits.

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