Alligator captured in West Springfield is thriving at the Zoo

Wally has become friends with another alligator

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Wally the Alligator has been relocated to Springfield’s Forest Park Zoo; a more suitable environment for him, according to a zoo keeper.

Wally had gone undetected in West Springfield for 26 years. The six-foot long reptile was removed from a West Springfield backyard this summer.

A worker at the Forest Park Zoo, Gina, told 22News that Wally’s owner visits him often, and has expressed interest in getting his exotic, but illegal, pet back.

“For wild animals, they are not made to be pets. They require a lot of space. A lot of food. They are very dangerous. They have a really strong bite force. So they’re best left in the wild,” said Gina.

She added that Wally is thriving at the Zoo and has become friends with another alligator, a female named “Thelma.”

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