Pet Corner: Moe

Name: Moe
Breed: Domestic shorthair mix
Age: 10 years old
Gender: Male
Color: Brown tabby

Moe is one handsome guy and is a favorite among Dakin staff members.  He is 10 years old and is a sweet and loyal companion.  He loves to lie by the window and watch birds, and is at Dakin’s Springfield Adoption & Education Center waiting for a new home.  Moe is an FIV+ (FIV positive) cat, which means he has a virus that weakens a cat’s immune system, so he should be kept indoors to protect his health. Infected cats receiving supportive medical care, eating a healthy diet, and being kept in a stress-free environment can extend their lifespan, especially when in the care of a loving adopter.  Come down to Dakin in Springfield and meet this wonderful fellow.  He wants to be your friend.

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Events/Other Topics

Weekly Low Cost Vaccine Clinic:
Each Thursday beginning at 9am, Dakin presents a Vaccine Clinic at its Springfield Adoption & Education Center.  The first 40 cats and dogs in line are eligible to receive low cost vaccinations, tests and treatments that help prevent rabies, distemper, heartworm and feline leukemia, among other things.  You can also get your pet microchipped and get him a flea/tick treatment.  First come, first served, and a line usually forms well before 9am.  For more information, call 413.781.4019.

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