Drought conditions may lead to more bear sightings

Bears may enter your property in search of water

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A roaming bear damaged some property in Chicopee on Sunday, and with the continuing drought, further wildlife sightings across western Massachusetts may be likely.

That bear in Chicopee destroyed bird feeders, and bent the poles those feeders were hanging from.

Bears destroying property in Chicopee

Bears are looking for both food and water. With the dry conditions, a lot of small streams are beginning to dry up.

22News went to G&H Landscaping in Holyoke, to find out why that is bringing them to your property.

“In my opinion, the bears are foraging for both food and water. There are a lot of sightings, a lot of residential neighborhoods. People have ponds, garden ponds, swimming pools, things like that. And the surface water and the running water resources are drying out because of the drought,” said Gary Courchesne of G&H Landscaping.

If you see a bear, stay safe. That means stay in your car with the windows rolled-up, or stay indoors. Make sure you are not providing any food source for the bears, by removing any bird feeders and trash. Also be sure to feed your pets indoors.

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