The Mechanical Man returns to the Big E

Randy Burns has perfected over nearly forty years as a major attraction at the Big E

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – When you speak through gesture, you’re speaking from the heart. So it is with “the Mechanical Man”, a perennial fixture at the Big E for the past 37 years. Let’s meet “the mechanical man” who continues to entertain as well as mystify many thousands each year.

22News caught up with the Mechanical Man extraordinaire at Farm-a-rama on Friday opening day. For the 37 years Randy Burns has been entertaining and dazzling fair-goers with his gifted pantomime ability.

“I’m a robot impersonator, that’s what I tell people, okay it’s a guy pretending to be a robot. When you’re walking the grounds I want you to just slow down and observe and play with me, and that way the magic starts” said Burns.

It’s said that silence is golden. If that’s true the Mechanical Man is worth his weight in gold to those who value his unspoken message

Laurie Wright of Wilbraham said, “Just by his being there and his outfits and personality coming through being warm and not saying anything, it says it all by his not saying anything”

A child will ask, is he real or is he truly a mechanical man. A Big E visitor from Vermont recalls asking that question when she was a child.

“I came here a long time ago, I never did know he was not real and he was so awesome, he played with us and then my dad told me later when I turned fifteen, you know the guy you hug all the time, he’s a pantomime” said Vanessa Schoonover of Westminster.

“The art of observation, I observe people they don’t think I’m watching them but I am” said Burns.

It’s an art that Big E mechanical man randy burns has perfected over nearly forty years as a major attraction at the Big E. For your sake I hope you run into the mechanical man for a unique and memorable experience.

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