How recent explosions are affecting local residents

The latest attacks in NYC left 29 people injured

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Recent explosive devices have left the country on high alert. 22News talked to local residents about how these latest attacks are impacting them. Many Western Massachusetts residents told 22News that although the explosion in New York City happened many miles away it still hits them too close to home.

Nicolette Vartuli of Connecticut said: “Manhattan that’s close to where I’m from in Connecticut so definitely it makes me more cautious of my surroundings.”

This weekend alone, 2 explosive devices were planted in New York City and a bomb exploded in Seaside Park, New Jersey. These incidents have left many wondering if anywhere is safe.

“In can happen anytime anywhere, you can’t go anywhere without worrying” said Alexander Main of Northampton.

About a year ago, suspicious packages forced police to shut down Main Street in downtown Northampton. It was later discovered that the packages were part of a time lapse photography project by two local students. For many, the constant threat of attacks has become part of their everyday life.

Althea McCrory, of Douglas said, “It’s been happening so often since I was a little kid it’s just like a regular news story at this point.”

Many Western Massachusetts residents told 22News they won’t let the threat of violence dictate where they go, and how they live their lives.

“Overall there is nothing you can do about it, it is either going to happen or it’s not” said Holyoke resident Steve Wojner.

“These acts can happen anywhere in the world at any time you can’t change your whole outlook just to avoid a potential attack” stated Kurt Dinsbach of New York City.

The latest attacks in NYC left 29 people injured. No one was hurt when the bomb detonated in Seaside NJ.

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