Entangled Humpback whale rescued off Cape Cod coast


CHATHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — A young humpback whale was safely disentangled from fishing gear on Friday.

The Center for Coastal Studies Marine Animal Entanglement Response (MAER) team was able to disentangle near Chatham, stated a news release.

Recreational boaters reported the sighting Friday early afternoon, and remained with the whale at a safe distance until help arrived.

According to the MAER team, the relatively small whale was anchored in fishing gear, had a fishing line going through its mouth and was dragging heavy gear.

After assessing the situation, the team used a thirty food pole and hook-shaped knife to make a cut the rope near the month.

The statement said it took about twenty minutes for the whale to become free and then it which swam off– a good sign according to the MAER team.
The Center’s Humpback Whale Studies team will attempt to identify this individual for follow up.
Boaters are urged to report any entanglement sightings of whales or any other marine animals to the Marine Animal Entanglement Response Hotline (1-800-900-3622) or the Coast Guard on VHF 16 and stand by the animal at a safe distance until responders arrive.

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