Communities walk for non-violence through Springfield neighborhoods

Saturday's anti-violence march had been strategically scheduled


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A protest in Springfield Saturday remembering victims of violence. It wasn’t a particularly large group, perhaps a few dozen marchers. Those taking part in Saturday’s walk for non-violence were committed to the cause of coping with the problem that has taken so many lives here in western Massachusetts.

They marched from Trinity united Methodist church stopping periodically for prayer.

The Reverend Lauren Holm, Non-violence walk organizer told 22News, “We do neighborhood walks throughout the year, we try to get neighbors out and talk with the people, get police out get them to talk with each other.”

Patrolman Daniel Billingsley, of the Springfield Police Department said, “Build a bond with the community, police officers are people and we’re here to be friendly and talk with them.”

The marchers prominently displayed the names of Springfield area men and women who died violent deaths. Organizers spoke of confronting some of the root causes of violence and injustice that spills beyond the boundaries of cities and states.

Sister Melinda Pellerin, Sisters of ST. Joseph mentioned, “The issue of racism in this country how it hasn’t died, we have to call it what it is, the sin of this country is racism.”

Saturday’s anti-violence march had been strategically scheduled. Reverend Holm noted that international peace day will be observed this Wednesday, September 21st.

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