Soccer-related injuries among young people is rising

Sprains or strains were among the most common injuries


(CNN) – Soccer is a way for countless kids to get exercise, learn team-values, and make friends and it’s growing in popularity, as well. A new study says that as more kids take the field more are getting hurt as well.

Youth soccer has exploded in popularity. With more than 3 million children playing in leagues today. A new study says with those growing numbers a soaring number of reported injuries has come as well.

According to the report published in the journal pediatrics soccer-related emergency room visits have spiked one-hundred and eleven percent from 1990 to 2014.

Sprains or strains were among the most common injuries accounting for more than thirty-four percent of the injuries reported.

Fractures meanwhile represented around 23 percent of the injuries. Concussions accounted for about seven percent of the emergency room visits.

One observer says that rise might not be a bad thing. Scott Sailor with the athletic trainers association says it’s a sign parents and others are better educated about injuries.

He also says parents should get in the game as far as safety goes as well recommending they get a good look at the facilities and equipment being used as well as make sure there’s a plan in case of emergency.

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