‘Super Trump’ squares off with ‘Naked Trump’

Naked Trump has returned in New York and Miami


(CNN) – It’s Super Trump versus Naked Trump. They are two opposing and unforgettable images of “the Donald.”

Flying above Times Square…it’s Super Trump. A group supporting the Donald shelled out $25,000 for this to run on a digital billboard for three days. I think the Donald would agree with the second half of the description.

Some were amused, but for others…”It’s a worry. In Australia we are worried about Donald Trump actually getting in.”

But if you peel off Super Trump’s tights, this is what you get. Naked Trump is back, back atop two buildings. One facing traffic at the Holland tunnel headed into New York. The other in Miami.

Look familiar? They’re the same statues that appeared briefly in public spaces last month before being unceremoniously taken down. Now the Mana Contemporary Art Center is hosting Naked Trump on its own private property.

So, just as the Donald is telling Dr. Oz, “The one thing I would like to do is drop 15, 20 pounds.” his bloated likeness has been dropped on rooftops. In Miami, the statue was first placed on a billboard, then taken down after police said it was tying up traffic. By the light of a full moon, Naked Trump was re-installed and is now mooning people from atop an art gallery.

At the Holland Tunnel location, they were adding new locks after someone tried to break in. The Art Center suspects Trump supporters wanted to remove him.

The Mana Art Center’s Stanley Sudol said, “The Trump statue is a perfect metaphor for his campaign. It’s off color. It’s bloated and it’s a big joke.”

The Center says it will take down Naked Trump if the Donald releases his tax returns.

Somebody get that statue a cape…

Copyright 2016 CNN

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