New iPhone fans wait in Zika hot zone

Apple said that the iPhone 7 plus is completely out of stock online


(CNN) – Apple fans are finally getting their hands on the new iPhone 7. It has been a long and possibly hazardous wait for people who lined up and camped-out in south Florida. That’s because they were right in the middle of a Zika hot zone.

The line stretches down the entire block and they’ve been out here all night long, waiting to be the first to get their hands on the new iPhone 7.

Person in line said, “Been here since 11 o’clock at night and uh you know, excited but at the same time tiring.”

How long have you been here?

Person in line, “Uh since, Four o’clock yesterday.”

Many people are sleeping. Exhausted from the long wait outside.  Laying on the sidewalk in their lawn chairs passed out.

Lloyd Pearson, First in line said, “Brung a little fold up chair.  Changes of clothes.”

At the very front of the line is Lloyd Pearson.

Lloyd Pearson said, “2012 I was first, 2013 I was first, and then I didn’t do it 2014.  Then 2015 I came back and I got beat so I had to win this time.”

All this excitement is happening right in the middle of the Miami Beach Zika hot zone.

Person in line said, “I have my sweater in here so I’ll take it out just in case of any Zika virus.  But you know, I’m always protected.”

Liz Contoli, In line for IPhone said, “But we were at the beach yesterday and the Zika plane was passing by.”

So that’s on your mind now?

Liz Contoli, “Not really.”

What is on her mind and so many others here is the new iPhone 7 features. The new camera to take way better quality selfies, better battery life, and a faster processor.

Person waiting in line said, “You know the resolution, how it’s gonna be with all the applications that are coming out.”

Inside the Lincoln Road Apple Store workers unpack all the new iPhones as the line grows longer and longer inside, it’s exhausting for these Apple lovers but they say it is worth it.

Liz Contoli said, “Before I used to be like oh, people that make the line.  It’s so ridiculous.  And I’m here now.”

The planes mentioned have been spraying insecticide in an effort to kill Zika-carrying mosquitoes. The CDC says local mosquito-borne Zika virus transmission has been reported in two areas in Miami.

Apple is releasing its phone all over the world today, including Sydney, Hong Kong and London. Earlier this week Apple said that the iPhone 7 plus is completely out of stock online.

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