Gov. Baker signs executive order on new pollution regulations

Order requires the state to have a comprehensive pollution reduction plan by September 2018


BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Charlie Baker joined with top state leaders on Friday, pledging to be more aggressive in efforts be kinder to the planet. He said the impacts of climate change are evident, from the brutal snowstorms of 2015, to this summer’s extreme drought.

That’s why Governor Baker signed an Executive Order on Friday directing his cabinet to come up with a statewide plan and to craft regulations to reduce pollution. The goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors, including transportation. Governor Baker said that could mean encouraging people to drive less.

Massachusetts has to reduce emissions by 25 percent over the next four years, and 80 percent by year 2050 under state law. Baker said the order will give cities and towns the tools to help reduce their carbon footprint. “This Executive Order signals our continuing commitment to combating and preparing climate change impact,” Baker said, “for climate change impacts across state government and in our communities.”

The order requires the state to have a comprehensive climate change adaptation plan in place by September 2018.

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