Defeating the data drain on your digital device

Browsing social media apps can be a drain


(NBC News) – Data is what drives our devices, and Americans are paying a premium.

Posting pics, snaps and even live feeds can devour smartphone data plans.

One way to conserve data is uploading media posts in a lower quality or over a Wi-Fi connection.

Browsing social media apps can also be a drain, with video posts and advertisements playing automatically.

“Video is really the data hog,” says CNET’s Scott Stein. “Anything like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter…all of those have video content that often gets automatically loaded in.”

You can head that off by changing social media app settings from auto-play to wi-fi only, or disabling them all together.

Other apps can tick away the megabytes too, even when you’re not using them.

Toggle off cellular data for apps that you don’t use often and limit app updates and background refreshes for wi-fi only. Also, turn off cloud services over the cellular network.

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