The best routes to The Big E fairgrounds


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – With The Big E’s Centennial celebration starting Friday, tens of thousands of people are expected to come to the fairgrounds each day. So before planning what food you want to eat and what exhibits you want to see, you’ll want to plan which route to take.

Take the back roads, take all the little side streets that come in, or go around through Agawam if you have to. 22News drove around town on Thursday to find for you some of the best ways to get to The Big E, and even avoid a little traffic.

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The most popular route to The Big E is using the Memorial Bridge to the Memorial Avenue Rotary; however, this year you can’t get off I-91 to get on the Memorial Bridge.

You have to keep going and take the South End Bridge. Then Route 5 North to the Memorial Avenue Rotary, and Memorial Avenue, or you can take Route 57 to Main Street in Agawam, and cross the bridge into West Springfield and you’re at Gate 1.

View Live Traffic Map Here

There are three ways to get there from the North End Bridge:

  • Take Route 5 South to the Memorial Avenue Rotary
  • Take Park Avenue, down Union Street, and onto Route 147
  • Take Park Avenue, this time down to River Street, and then onto Route 147

If you’re coming from the West, take Route 20 to South Boulevard, down to River Street, and onto Route 147 straight to The Big E.

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