Terrifying carnival accident caught on camera

A lighted bar fell from its mounting, striking the passenger

(WTHR) The mayor of Beech Grove, Indiana has ordered a “Scrambler” carnival ride be disassembled after a teen was injured when part of the machine fell at a Beech Grove festival.

The boy was riding “The Scrambler” at the Beech Grove Fall Festival when a lighted bar fell from its mounting, striking the passenger. A witness said the light bar hit an empty seat, bounced upward and lights began shattering, sending debris flying. The bar was reportedly flying around loose until the ride could be shut down.

“Most of my friends were on the ride already, because we got split up. We heard this noise and the lights on ‘The Scrambler’ caved in and it smacked him in the face,” said witness Andrea Stevens. “All I saw were all my friends, they were like, boyfriend and girlfriend, and the boyfriends are toppling over all the girls and trying to save them.”

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