Soccer fans go ape for Harambe

Harambe night
University of Massachusetts at Lowell holds 'Harambe Night' soccer match honoring ape killed in bizarre incident at Cincinnati Zoo.

(NECN) The University of Massachusetts at Lowell Athletic Department held a ‘Harambe Night’ on Wednesday.

The event took place at 7 p.m. during the men’s soccer game against Brown University.

The promotion was based on the silver back gorilla of that name who was killed at the Cincinnati zoo earlier this year when a child fell into his enclosure. It was a situation that lead to an outcry from many.

The UMass Lowell Athletic Department gave out mini Harambe plush dolls to the first 100 people in the gate as a marketing initiative.

Students were also encouraged to dress up in gorilla suits to be entered in a contest to win various prizes.

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