Lawmakers push to help preserve North Pond


SOUTHWICK, Mass. (WWLP) – An attempt to get the state to preserve some land at the northern edge of the Congamond Lakes.

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Two state lawmakers, State Representative Nick Boldyga and State Senator Don Humason took the Secretary of Environmental and Energy Affairs Matthew Beaton out on the Congamond Lakes in Southwick Thursday to show him North Pond.

There’s about 150 acres of undeveloped land there, that is for sale. The lawmakers want the state to step in and buy it so it is preserved.

“They (the land owners) want to preserve it, we want to preserve it so we’re trying to bring everybody possibly together to see if we can make this happen really for the community,” said Rep. Boldyga, (R) Southwick.

“The benefits of having that land preserved in perpetuity, has a benefit that you really can’t put a dollar amount on now or in the future, once you develop land, you lose it.  It never comes back,” said Senator Humason, (R) Westfield.

The area is also a so-called “recharge area” for the aquifer which provides drinking water for Westfield and West Springfield.

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