How long does it take to recover from pneumonia?

Many are questioning whether a 3 day break is enough for Clinton to fully recover

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail after she became overheated at an event in Sunday, which was prompted by a bout of pneumonia. 22News spoke with experts to find out how long it really takes to recover.

Many people are questioning whether a 3 day break is really enough to leave Clinton fully recovered and ready to be back to campaigning. Pulmonary physician at Baystate Medical Center, Dr. Douglas Johnson, told 22News pneumonia is an infection that involves the lungs, and the recovery period is different for everyone.

“Pneumonia is quite variable it can often be mild but it can also be very serious and fortunately we have antibiotics to treat bacterial pneumonia.”

Dr. Johnson told 22News the recovery period is totally dependent on how severe the case is, and that it’s unlikely to be contagious once a course of treatment has been started.

Clinton’s health scare prompted a flurry of questions about her overall health. Clinton’s campaign has released a new letter from her doctor that stated she was recovering well from the illness, and is “fit to serve” as president.

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