Go back to school & save the enviornment

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  It’s a time for books, binders and back to school savings, but you can save the environment at the same time!   Emily Gaylord, Chiara Favaloro and Katie Costantini from the Center for Eco Technology in Florence showed us how to transform a drawer into a bulletin board and how to go green during the ‘Back to School’ season.

Go Green Tips:
1. Pack a waste free lunch! Use a reusable lunch box with reusable tupperwares, reusable juice boxes, metal cutlery, and cloth napkins. Also, buy snacks in bulk instead of individual packaging!
2. See how often you can get you child to school without using your car. Having your child take the bus is better than taking your own car, and it’s even better if they can walk or bike! If you have to drive, try to carpool!
3. Check your house for any school supplies before you go buy all new things. Chances are you have enough pens and pencils in the house and maybe even a few notebooks! Use the back of old notebook too! If you need new supplies, opt for those made with recycled materials.
4. Donate any school supplied or clothes your child no longer needs instead of throwing them away!
5. Shop at thrifts stores or have a clothing swap with friends instead of buying all new clothes.
6. Buy used textbooks and cover them with paper bag, newspapers, and magazines instead of buying book covers. Make it an art project!
7. Help your child start a “Green Team” program at your school! The Green Team is an environmental club for Massachusetts schools sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Schools get free resources to help students and teachers learn about climate change,waste, recycling,and pollution and then help fight these issues in their own community!

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