Woman reports her drug dealer to police

(CNN) – Nestled in southeastern Oklahoma, split by highway 69, Savanna is a haven for truck drivers.  But the local Knights Inn is a haven for crime.

“Three 3 calls a week down there, sometimes three calls a day. This thing has just kind of festered into a problem,” said Chief David Spears.

Chief David has been on the police force since it-s inception watching hotel management, he says go from bad, to worse.

Most recently, headed by Shannon Folsom, “And when this lady was hired, I told the management I didn’t think she was part of the solution, she was part of the problem.”

Now, she’s part of the past, thanks to an angry tenant and an idle threat.  According to court records, it all started Saturday when a women claimed she tried buying meth from Shannon for 100 dollars.

The payment was made, but the meth never came, the woman reporting Shannon and her boyfriend Jeremy Owens “had messed her over” on the deal.

The two taunting the woman, saying she “could always call the cops.”  So, she did.

“The task force picked up information, that they were selling drugs so they got a warrant, and they come down with our officer and served that warrant,” said Chief Spears.

Police reportedly found a number of questionable items all in clear site of a two year old child.

Owens and Folsom were swiftly arrested.  The Knight’s Inn now under new management.

The woman who originally called dispatch could be facing charges as well.  The case remains under investigation by the district attorney’s office.

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