Teens gather at State House to talk about drug addiction

Addiction Free Futures Project hopes to help teens seeking treatment

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The “Addiction Free Futures Project” focuses on preventing young people from developing a drug addiction and helping those struggling to get clean. Teens from across Massachusetts met at the State House in Boston Wednesday to talk openly about how alcohol and drug use have impacted their lives.

Most of the participants are minors. They told us their stories, but we can’t show their faces. Many teens talked about their own experiences with drugs, and others shared what it’s like growing up with parents battling substance abuse. The Addiction Free Futures Project encourages young people to eliminate the stigma so people can feel comfortable seeking treatment.

Courtney Chelo, who is involved in the campaign told 22News implementing prevention programs in schools is a major part of the solution. “This is an opportunity for young people to be front and center in the conversation,” she said, “to tell us what’s working for them and what additional supports they feel that they need.”

Public schools will begin verbally screening students for substance abuse beginning in the next school year.

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