Giant billboard in Massachusetts is an interactive art project

Interactive art examines power of promises

(WVCB/CNN) – It sits in the Shadow of Trinity Church, and towers over Copley Square. A giant billboard full of the day’s headlines and promises from world leaders, scientists and celebrities.

This is Public Trust, an interactive art project that examines the power of the posted promise. There is a blank space in the middle where you come in and state a promise.

“Promise to become a vegetarian.” Maria has chosen her promise and she’s not afraid to share it with the world. “It’s very helpful. It helps a lot of people to set their goals.”

Alli Ross vows to challenge racism, and says she’ll begin by taking an honest look within. “Others around can identify with your promise or not, but it’s also really powerful to give your voice to something in a public space.”

Paul Ramirez Jonas is the lead artist; “What I like is that the piece also yields a drawing that you keep. Your drawing and we ask you to sign it and it’s your words.”

Your real contract is with yourself. You can sign it with a pen, your finger print, or even your own blood. “So press your finger on it and press the button.”

Manny Rosario had no trouble with his personal promise. “I chose it because I think it’s really important to be who you want to be and always stay true to yourself. Never let anyone interfere with that.”

If the artist himself could make a promise, something he saw a young woman write the other day. “She just said “Don’t be a bystander,” and I thought that is really what would make out society better.”

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