Caught on Camera: Vape battery explodes in woman’s purse

The single mom says her first thought was it was some kind of attack

(CNN) – It was a typical Sunday shopping day at the mall for Mara McInerney.  From surveillance video inside a Sunglass Hut at the Freehold mall, her purse seems to explode just as she’s paying. Turns out it was a battery for her vaporizer that exploded.

“I had the battery in this pocket by itself, it exploded. Thru the pocket.  Charred everything melted everything in the bag.”

The single mom from old bridge says her first thought was some kind of attack or shooting.

“What I heard first was the bang, and it being 9-11. It kind of sounded like a gunshot.  The whole bag was engulfed in flames.”

She would like to be reimbursed for the purse, worth hundreds of dollars and its contents, but more than pay-back, she is hoping her story serves as a warning to other’s who vape.

“Just knowing I have my child, bag in backseat, daughter in the car seat next to it. It’s scary and it could happen to everyone. Want people to be aware”

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