Transgender woman stabbed 119 times

The judge denied a request to dismiss the case

(CNN) – New details unfolding in the death of a transgender woman in a Mississippi hotel.

The case against the soldier accused of stabbing her over 100 times is now heading to a grand jury.

Jackson county sheriff’s deputy Leo Allen was the sole witness to take the stand during Dwanya Hickerson’s preliminary hearing.

He says autopsy results show that the victim, Dee Whigham, was stabbed 119 times, mostly to her face. And her throat was slashed 3 times. Allen says the murder weapon was a 10-inch fixed blade Gerber knife.

Allen says surveillance video taken at the best western hotel in St. Martin shows Hickerson and Whigham walking into the hotel room together around 8:30. Allen told the court that about 23 minutes later, Hickerson is seen leaving the room alone.

Allen says at 9:45 Whigham’s friends returned to the hotel and immediately called 9-1-1.

He says Hickerson took a Coach bag belonging to Whigham as well as her cell phone and few personal items.

He says authorities found those items on the beach not far from Keesler Air Force Base and that they found Hickerson’s bloody clothes in a dumpster not far from his barracks on base.

They have sent the items to the crime lab for testing.

Allen says investigators are still trying to determine the relationship between Hickerson and Whigham.

Hickerson’s attorney asked the judge to dismiss the case, but the judge denied that request.

Now, the case will be presented to a grand jury.

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