U.S. nuclear weapons sites falling apart

Some facilities date back to the Manhattan Project

(CNN) – Whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the next commander in chief is going to inherit a major nuclear national security nightmare, crumbling nuclear weapons manufacturing plants. Some facilities dating back to the Manhattan Project.

Because it’s more difficult to bring more facilities online, we must continue to operate existing facilities longer than we had anticipated when they were originally built.

Seventy plus years later, they’re still in operation. Photos released by Congress show a leaking ceiling, crumbling concrete, and rotted floors, at some of the nation’s most critical and decades old nuclear sites.

In Oak Ridge Tennessee at the Y-12 uranium facility officials acknowledge there is crumbling concrete and poorly maintained facilities.

At the Pantex nuclear weapons assembly plant in Amarillo Texas rotting ceilings and walls and at the Los Alamos nuclear weapons design laboratory in New Mexico, tarps are catching water from a leaking roof.

“At Los Alamos today we have trailers that were put into service 30 years ago. And in some of those trailers we have problems with ceilings, water damage falling in, we have problems with rodents in them,” said Director Charles McMillan.

It’s just one of the existing national security and intelligence challenges the Obama administration is getting ready to hand off to the next president. Across the pentagon and intelligence agencies briefing books are being assembled on every topic.

The top intelligence officer cautioning with the wide ranging terror and cyber threats in the world this presidential transition season will be a vulnerable time.

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